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Affordable Housing


Modular design and construction can save time and money and create affordable, healthy housing.

A variety of factors have set the stage for the financial challenges American homeowners and renters have been facing in the housing market, including incomes that haven’t kept pace with housing cost increases and a housing construction slowdown. A surge in homebuying spurred by record low mortgage interest rates during the COVID-19 pandemic has further strained the availability of homes. We believe at L2L Modular our business services offer a way to help tackle these issues and provide Americans with  our modern methodologies.

Solving the Problem

What we are doing at L2L Homes is not new. Modular and other prefabricated options are not new, but they haven’t played a major role in producing affordable housing across the U.S. to date. Modular housing offers real opportunities for affordable housing. It’s not a silver bullet that once adopted can change the housing market as we know it.