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Accessory Dwelling Units


L2L Homes  is revolutionizing ADU housing with a unique and creative approach. Through using sustainable materials, we are able to provide ADU housing that is environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and modern.

aesthetic house

Perfect additional space for your home

Accessory Dwelling Units are perfect for adding space to your home — whether it’s an office space, guest house, garage conversion, or granny flat. Not only do we provide customized, attractive ADU designs, but our quality work ensure you can rely on your ADU for years to come.

  • 100% Sustainable and lasts for decades
  • Mold free living = Cleaner breathing
  • Fire retardant and Zero Rot
  • Virtually Maintenance free
  • 10’ Ceilings with high end finishes
  • Rooftop decks with gardens, fire, solar
  • Capacity in 3 months = 30 per month